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onsumer Legal Centers, APLC has over 22 years experience in protecting consumers.  We specialize in foreclosure litigation and provide an unparalleled legal service in order to protect your home. 

Our team of legal professionals work tirelessly to defend you from losing your home to predatory lending practices:

     •   If there is a default on your mortgage:
               • We can sue your lender for predatory practices and get your house                  at fair market value; lowering your mortgage payments.

     •    If your Loan modification has been denied:

               • You have rights and we can convert this legal process into a judicial                  process having the courts intervene.

     •   If your home has already been sold:
               • We can fight to have the court rescind the sale

     •   If you have a pending lockout or eviction from your home:
               • We can postpone the eviction and give you time to move out.

We commit ourselves to serving our community.  We use our legal knowledge and professional experience to serve our clients by defending the rights of the consumer from abuses and violations of the law
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